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Kirloskar launches green technologies cell
Kirloskar launches Green Technologies Cell to promote bio-fuel initiatives. The cell also creates new technologies in solar and wind energy as well as study the latest nanotechnology.
Kirloskar Brothers Limited, head office gets LEED Platinum Rating
Kirloskar Brothers Limited, head office in Pune awarded the prestigious LEED Platinum rating for green buildings - the highest level of the world-renowned LEED certification.
Powering bio-fuel initiatives
Using the latest technology and research, Kirloskar has been able to convert bio-gas for power. The technology consists of the treatment of bio-gas and then using it to power gensets.
Driving biogas
Probably one of the finest examples of Green initiative by Kirloskar has been the conversion of biomass to bio-gas to fuel an automobile. The system has been successfully tested on a Maruti Suzuki Alto and has shown promising results. Truly a remarkable breakthrough in bio-gas engineering.
Bio-energy solutions
Kirloskar is promoting bio-gas as a multi tasking solution especially in the rural areas. Bio-gas fuels are used to power gensets, which in turn provide electricity and lighting. Moreover bio-gas can also be used as cooking gas.
Truly green gensets
Another revolutionary technology from Kirloskar, is the bio-diesel gensets, which run on bio-fuels and also produce 40% less carbon emissions as compared to other gensets. Moreover, Kirloskar gensets run on 100% bio-fuel - technically known as B100, where others run on a blend of diesel and bio-fuel.
Energy efficient pumpsets, save energy worth millions

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